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Our Practice

sitzazen "Our breath is our point of entry to truth. It is with us always, as us, as all of creation. Find the breath in everything."
Zen Master Dae Gak.

On Wednesday evenings at NKZC, we practice sitting meditation, chanting, and walking meditation. Meditation cushions are provided, though if you have a cushion or bench from home that you would rather use, feel free to bring it. The three main positions for sitting meditation are cross-legged, kneeling, and sitting in a chair; in time, you'll find what works best for you to achieve stability and comfort for 30 minutes at a time.

Please wear loose, comfortable, dark-colored clothing. Jeans should be avoided.

We sit for two 30-minute periods, separated by a 10-15 minute walking meditation. In addition, on the first or second Wednesday of the month, a short reading is offered by the Abbot during the second sitting period; and on the third or fourth Wednesday, the Abbot is available for individual interviews. We support each other in practicing together by taking up four agreements: to sit still, to be quiet, to not look around, and to do our best.

At the end of the evening, there is opportunity for comments and questions.

Those who would like to make a formal commitment to Zen practice participate in a ceremony called "jukai" (Japanese for "receiving the precepts"). Within the Furnace Mountain Sangha, Zen Master Dae Gak conducts this ceremony. For NKZC members, this document outlines the process of taking the precepts.
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Sitting meditation is a method of great liberation; all teachings flow forth from this, myriad practices are mastered this way.- Daikaku (1213-1279)

For those who wish for a more formal entry, there are introductory workshops offered several times a year by the Cincinnati Zen Center.

Please check schedule at CZC.
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